Rabu, 26 Januari 2011


Hey guys! First I’m going introduce myself to you guys.
Hello, my name is John Hammond. I’m the owner of Jurrasic Park. Do you guys now? I’m a millionaire, very rich you know! Now i was 75 years old. I have two grand children called Tim and Lex Murphy. I love Dinosaurs, I know how they reproduce, what they eat, where they live and many other things about dinosaurs because I LOVE DINOSAURS SO MUCH <3.
 I owned an island called Isla Nublar. Isla Nublar is going to be a resort and animal park. the island is about 12 km long and 5 km wide. it’s going to be be big but there’s many problem here, but I can handle. I hired the people that gonna help me in this problems like Dr Alan Grant the paleontologist, Dr Ellie Sattler the paleobotanist, Dennis Nerdy the computer expert, professor Ian Malcolm the mathematician, Ed Regis the publicity manager, John Arnold the chief engineer, Henry Wu the chief geneticist, Dr Hading the vet and the park warden who called Robert Muldoon. They will and gonna help my island here. and i bet my island going to be safe. the island is full with electric fences, deep moats, thick walls, rivers and waterfall. it’s going to be very famous! because there will be many animals there, many facilities, there are place to stay and computers to run everything. Is that cool?!?! SUPER AWSOME! right…, and I will make a lot of money too, i love it! because I love money. Do you know guys? I am the BAD GUY! HAHA…..

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